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Decorating Choices for Personal Bone China

Entertaining at home in style is always a wonderful affair for family, friends and associates. It is a meaningful time to share both food and a sense of personal style. The dinner plates, platters and coffee cups are part of the ambiance and style presented during social gatherings at home. The choices of colours and patterns for bone china sets are nearly endless and they express the personal preferences of the host and hostess.

Searching for the perfect colour and pattern of bone china for entertaining can be a long and difficult task. The varieties available cover nearly the entire range of modern decorating needs. Some patterns and colours have a classic look while others are suitable to more modern tastes. Choosing between these styles and finding the perfect match is worth the effort.

For those who have a particular colour and pattern in mind, there are many companies that have placed their sets online for easy viewing. These companies present their wares with crisp photos and precise descriptions. Many people now shop online to find their perfect choice. Occasionally it is nearly impossible to find the perfect set. Perhaps it was seen years ago and is no longer a pattern being produced. While there are a few companies that will create custom order china sets, this option is expensive. If the pattern has been trademarked by the original company or artist, the pattern cannot be reproduced without permission.

One way to avoid issues with finding or reproducing a pattern for a set of china is to use glass transfers or glass decals. China is a pottery item that is glazed and is easily purchased in plain white or off-white finishes. The glaze acts as a glass finish and is able to hold a transfer successfully. This makes customizing a set of china affordable and convenient, as well as personally meaningful, for the host and hostess.