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Different Types of Bone China

Bone china is extremely hard and looks beautiful in gleeming gloss white.

One of the most common questions asked is what the difference is between bone china and porcelain? There are actually a few key differences between these two materials.

Bone china is made from a mix of bone ash, kaolin clay, and feldspar.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is made mostly from kaolin clay with a small amount of quartz.

Bone china is typically thinner and more delicate than porcelain. It's also more translucent, so you can often see light shining through it.

Porcelain is usually stronger and more resistant to chips and cracks. It's also less likely to absorb odours and flavours.

When it comes to choosing between bone china and porcelain, it really depends on your personal preferences. bone china is more fragile but has a beautiful translucence that porcelain doesn't have. Porcelain is more durable but may not be as visually appealing. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

Cappuccino sets

Cappuccino sets are excellent if you are constantly serving guests cappuccinos when they visit your home. If serving cappuccinos is not a daily routine in your home, the set will look just as stunning set up in a glass case or on one of your shelves in the kitchen.

Tea sets

Tea sets are great for numerous purposes including viewing pleasure and normal everyday serving of tea. For English fine bone china collectors, there is absolutely nothing in the world better than setting up a new bone china tea set in your china wear hutch. To ensure your tea set of optimal safety in case of a small bump to your china hutch, there is a large variety of china ware holders to make sure they stay standing up right.

Microwavable safe coffee mugs

Every bone china collector needs to own a set of microwavable safe coffee mugs. Not only are they durable and safe to heat up in the microwave, but the appearance is remarkable. Owning this beautiful set of coffee fine bone china mugs will surely make you proud to serve your family and guests coffee every morning.

Dinner sets

Owning a bone china dinner set is not just for your family’s viewing, but for your guests as well. When your guests walk into your dining room and see a table full of beautifully made bone china, they will almost always stand and admire the pieces of art and compliment your on your fine china wear. Because of bone china's amazing durability, they can easily withstand the normal hits and scrapes from forks and knives without any damages occurring. Thus, making bone china the perfect dinner set for you and your guests.

Decorative dinnerware

English white fine bone china is absolutely beautiful and exquisite but sometimes the addition of colour, patterns and designs produce an awesome display on your mahogany dinner table.  Bone china decals are often used to decorate the more colourful examples.