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Selecting The Perfect Pattern for Bone China

A set of bone china dishes will last a lifetime. Getting the perfect pattern is important because personal style can change over the years. The perfect set of dishware needs to reflect a person's or couple's style and the correct colours for those who will dine on it for decades. This begs the question of how to choose the correct style and pattern. There are several ways to make this important choice.

The first part of any search for a bone china set must be for durability and strength. Choosing a manufacturer is important. Each one has their own recipe for making bone china, and they all have their own patterns. Many of the current manufacturers have been in business for decades. Longevity is important because these manufacturers know their craft, and they understand the need for patterns that will wear well over a long period of time.

Once a manufacturer has been selected, it is important to go through their entire stock of patterns. If there are several patterns that fulfil all the needs of the person or couple purchasing china, this presents a small issue. One way to overcome this issue and make a final decision is to purchase several sets of ceramic decals in the styles favoured. Apply these decals to inexpensive plates and cups. If, after a month of continuous use, one pattern stands out as a favourite, then the issue has been decided. That is the pattern that should be purchased.

It may take some people a bit longer to choose their perfect set. There is a large selection available through fine bone china manufacturers. If none of the readily available patterns are quite perfect, many of these companies are willing to create a custom pattern for their buyers. While this option comes with a much higher price, it may be the best option to get the perfect dish set for a lifetime.