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What are the Benefits of Owning Bone China?

Bringing bone china into your home is a great way to brighten up the atmosphere in your dining room and show your friends and family the love you have for exquisite, high-priced china wear. English fine bone china can be purchased through numerous online distributors and china ware business’s around the world. Because of the ox bone ash added into the porcelain, you are given the opportunity to buy beautiful china sets that have a unique look unlike any other. Before you decide on just one particular bone china set, be sure to check out the other brilliant designs on the market.


Bone china’s durability comes from the ox bone ash added in with the porcelain. The strength of this particular type of china is great for anyone who not only collects this style of china ware, but for anyone who enjoys serving meals and beverages on fine dinner ware. If at any point in time a plate or cup has fallen or been hit by another object, that chances of it breaking are less likely than if it were hard-paste china.


The ox bone ash that is used to create fine bone china gives the china ware a beautiful white appearance that allows light to pass through, giving it the ultimate classy look. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between hard-paste china and bone china is to hold it up to a light fixture to see if any light shines through. If there is no trace of light, you are most likely holding a piece of your normal everyday, hard-paste china ware. Not only does the ox bone ash allow light to shine through the china ware, but it also gives the pieces an exquisite pattern unlike any other china on the market.